1. What is AHV-DCP?
  • AHV-DCP stands for Advance Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Programme, a competency-based Truck Drivers Training course that has been specially designed by the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM)
  • The training is also an internationally recognized training, which is Certified by the Institute of Motor Industries, UK.
  • The AHV-DCP is also recognized by the Government of Malaysian (Human Resource Ministry) and is accorded the ‘SBL-Khas’ status under their HRDF Scheme.
  • It is currently the only all-encompassing and comprehensive competency-based training for Truck drivers in Malaysia.

2. Why is Safe Driving Important
Malaysia is amongst the highest risk country in Asia for road transport operations. Most truck accidents are as a direct result of drivers action or inaction. A competently trained driver is the single biggest factor in reducing road risk. Not knowing one’s vehicle (Pre-Drive Checks) and not knowing oneself (Fatigue Management) also contributes to road incidents – Training can significantly reduce this exposures. It is also an established that Safety and Operations goes hand-in-hand, where you cannot get efficiency and optimise the cost of your road transport operations without safety.
Safety is also a key measured KPI in the Logistic Industries and is a pre-requisite when hauling product on the road for Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Companies

3. Why should my drivers attend the AHV-DCP?
This Competency based training has been specially designed with comprehensive fit-for-purpose syllabus covering all aspects that is required in ensuring safe heavy vehicle driving operations. The syllabus covers not only Defensive Driving, but also Pre-Drive Checks, Vehicle Stability, Fatigue Management, Drivers’ Legislative Responsibility, with a Mindset Change session.
This Competency based training is covers Theory and Practical sessions which is conducted through a 5-step process protocol: ‘Teach – Demo – Coach – Assess – Certify’

4. How do I check the status of my drivers AHV-DCP Training?
Please visit CICM’s Website Portal, URL: www/………..to view the status of drivers AHV-DCP Training and their certification details.

5. What do you mean by fully HRDF funded, is it free?
The AHV-DCP Training is under the HRDF‘SBL-Khas’ scheme, where if a company has an HRDF account, it need NOT  pay nor does it need to allocate or raise any budget for this training. Simply make arrangement through CICM, and the trainers will be paid directly by HRDF (through the Client’s Account).

6. What do you mean I can get 10% rebate from my Truck Motor Vehicle Insurance?
Because of the effectiveness of this training in reducing road accident exposure, the Insurers are agreeable to rebate 10% off the Motor Vehicle Insurance of Companies whose trucks are driven by drivers who have a valid AHV-DCP Certificate

7. How long is this training?
This is a two day training course, first day of classroom covers theory and static vehicle checks; and the second day comprising of on-the-road coaching, demo and assessment

8. Who provides the training?
The training is provided by IMI approved training providers, through IMI and CICM approved trainers.

9. Location of training?
The training is usually conducted and transporters bases, using transporters approved vehicles

10. Is the training HRDF claimable?
Yes, its 100% HRDF claimable.
Moreover, the Training is FULLY FUNDED by HRDF through an SBL-Khas scheme, where trainers collect their fees DIRECTLY from HRDF, without Transporters having to raise budget (or without having to pay first and claim later).

11. How do I make the training arrangement for my drivers?
Go to the ‘Training Registration’ section of this portal, read the Training Terms & Conditions; Select your Option; print and fill-up the Request-for-Training form; andFax to CICM Secretariat to register for training.

12. Who recognizes this training?
The AHV-DCP Competency Certificate is an International Certification issued DIRECTLY by the Institute of Motor Industries, UK.
The Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia and Ministry of Human Resource also gives accreditation to the AHV-DCP.
A Motor Insurance Company of Malaysia-  Am General Insurance Berhad (formerly Kurnia Insurance Berhad), 2ndlargest Insurance provider in Malaysia, also gives recognition to the effectiveness of the AHV-DCP in reducing drivers and driving risk exposures.   

13. Validity period for this training?
The AHV-DCP is valid for two years from its Certification Date, after which Drivers would need to do re-training (re-certified)

14. What do I need to provide for this training?
Since training is done at Transporters Bases (Nation-wide) and with transporters vehicles, The transporters would need to provide a conducive training room, complete with LCD projector and flip-chart; and a safe suitable training vehicle.

15. What do the trainers provide?
The approved training providers would provide all training material, aids and handouts, as required

16. What is Driver requirement for this training?
Drivers needs to be fit (valid medical) and have a valid Driving and GDL License

17. Which Insurer(s) are registered on the AHV-DCP Discount Scheme?
The Insurer participating in the AHV-DCP Discounted Programme is AmGeneral Insurance Berhad (formally Kurnia Insurance Berhad), the 2ndlargest Insurance Provider in Malaysia.

18. What are the Terms and Conditions to get the 10% discount from my Insurers
  • The discount will be only given to companies whose drivers have been trained and holds a valid certification by IMI, UK
  • The discount is offered for vehicles not older than 15 years old
  • The discount premium will be withdrawn for vehicleswhich is involved in two or more accidents an one year

19. Who do I contact to get more information on the Motor Vehicle Insurance Discount Scheme?
Please contactAmGeneral Insurer’s Agent, (AG Agencies Sdn Bhd) - Mr. Hardyal Singh (Gary) at the following contact:
Mobile +60 12 2823927
Work +60 3 80234336
Fax +60 3 80234243
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

20. How do I further details on how to register my vehicles for the Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme and/or to claim my discount from the Insurers?
AmGeneral Insurance Berhad, have arranged for a dedicated Claims Personnel to attend to matters related to this arrangement.
Please contact their Insurer’s Agent, (AG Agencies Sdn Bhd) - Mr. Hardyal Singh (Gary) at the following contact:
Mobile +60 12 2823927
Work +60 3 80234336
Fax +60 3 80234243
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

21. Who can I contact in CICM to get more information on the AHV-DCP Training?
You can get in touch with CICM Secretariat (Ms. Chan Pek Wan) at the following contacts:
Tel (Gen Line) +60 3 62867200
Tel (Direct Line) +60 3 62867326
Fax +60 3 62776714
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

22. How much does the AHV-DCP Training Cost?
The AHV-DCP training fee is as follows:
  • A class of 6 drivers (or less), RM 5,100
  • A class of 7 to 12 drivers, RM 10,200
  • A class of 13 to 18 drivers, RM 15,300
Note: For training outside the Klang Valley, trainers’ transport, flight (for Sabah & Sarawak), accommodation and incidental cost will apply

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