Introduction of NaRER

The Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) under its Responsible Care Charter is concerned on the Road Transport exposure particularly in the deliveries of Dangerous Goods (DG) Cargo. Whilst the management of DG processes in handling and storage within the many plants is well managed with controls in place, the same does not apply once the cargo leaves the plant on road deliveries.

In a dynamic road environment, where exposure can also come from other road users and in-situ conditions, it can be expected that accidents can and will continue to occur. Despite the many efforts by companies to reduce road risk, as a last line of defence, when all else fails, companies are required by legislative charter and as part of their Responsible Care commitment, to have and be ready for rapid deployment of trained and prepared personnel; with fit-for-purpose equipment; with tried and tested procedures. Response Parties must be able to mitigate all Road Incidents from spiralling out of control.

The Emergency Response preparedness is also a mandatory legislative requirement by the Department of Environment (DOE), the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

Most DG cargo transporters and hauliers in Malaysia, with the exception of a few, are ill equipped and unprepared to be able to professionally deploy their own Emergency Response teams to manage their on-the-road emergencies and product clean-up. However in reality, most haulage companies do not have the infrastructure or the capability, and is very dependent on their client for help.

To mitigate issues above, the Safe Road Committee under CICM has developed The National Road Emergency Response Services (NaRER), which is a last line of defence to manage and mitigate all road emergencies particularly on issues of lost product containment, especially in the area of DG cargo. NaRER is a comprehensive one stop service center which covers seamlessly all phases of Road Emergency Management. It covers the specialised provision of LEVEL 1 (Provision of Data and Information), LEVEL 2 (Provision of On-Site Advice and Response), and LEVEL 3 (Provision of On-Site Clean Up) which is discuss in detailed below.

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